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    Default Why cant i find a livery yard!!!!!!!


    How difficult is it find livery for 2 horses in work and 1 retired! DIY livery with in a reasonable distance of abingdon or didcot...thought i had found somewhere but need optional cover if im on holiday etc! everywhere seems to be full

    help me please before i go mental!
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    Default Re: Why cant i find a livery yard!!!!!!!

    Now, it's a bad time because people without livery yard in the summer search now for a shelter during the winter.

    Try to find out more yards in your region. Many don't advertise, they don't even have a sign or a hint. Absolutely nothing. Last weekend, I even stopped my car to jump out and ask a man leading a horse with a Western saddle on the road. He really came from a grazing field that I didn't know already!

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    Default Re: Why cant i find a livery yard!!!!!!!

    When we were looking for a yard we literally went around our local area door knocking. Houses with land, farmers, private livery yards, we tried all sorts of places. The good thing about it is that even if they dont have room they may know someone who does. That is how we got the yard that we have now, the chap was recommended to us twice in one day! Also try advertising in your local tack store and have a look on sites like Preloved. Good luck

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    Have you tried Grove Farm at Harwell...good facilities and lots of things going on? Also try websites like and


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