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    Default ID these trees /weed please, on my new paddock

    I finally have some land of my own and part of it includes a small paddock, I want to ID the weeds and tree's on here to make it as safe as possible.

    small tree 1

    small tree 2 (horse loves this, but kept him away from it until I know what it is, you can see the snap mark where he bit an entire branch off LOL)

    small tree 3 (same as 2 i think)

    what are these flowers?

    a bit further down the paddock think this is same as 2?

    large tree at end, sorry no closer pics

    weed 1 dug up 100+ of these

    weed 2 pulled out 100+ of these, red base and pull out really easy, quite satisfying LOL

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    Default Re: ID these trees /weed please, on my new paddock

    The flowers are foxgloves. Super poisonous i think??
    Looks like you've got a few oak trees to be, but i may be wrong. Ic they are oak, they'll need fencing off when the acorns fall. Maybe even fence them off anyway if your horse is eating them as i think the leaves can be toxic in large doses too.

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    Default Re: ID these trees /weed please, on my new paddock

    1 Beech, harmless
    2 Oak, not good for them to eat but unlikely to be a problem if they nibble at it, be careful when acorns are about.
    3 The pretty purple flower, Foxglove, extremely poisonous, carefully remove all traces before allowing a horse in the field.
    4 Docks, harmless but annoying they grow vigorously.

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    Default Re: ID these trees /weed please, on my new paddock

    Trees are hazel and oak. Pink flowers are foxgloves ^^
    Not sure about the others tho think the last is this:

    ETS - of course - I haven't seen a dock plant for years

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    Default Re: ID these trees /weed please, on my new paddock

    Not beech, Hazle.

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    Default Re: ID these trees /weed please, on my new paddock

    Tree 1 looks like Silver birch - not poisonous.
    Tree 2 - oak - poisonous, particularly the acorns.
    Tree 3 does not look like tree 2 to me, could be lime/whitebeam/beech, probably best to look these up and check against your trees, allthough none of these are poisonous afaik.
    Flower 1 is foxglove, not exactly poisonous but dangerous as contains digitalis - can affect the heart, although usually horses do not touch it.
    Last flower is Indian balsam, not poisonous.

    ETA, difficult to identify plants from odd perspective, sometimes depends on size of leaf.
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    Default Re: ID these trees /weed please, on my new paddock


    Tree 1 looks like Hazel

    Tree 2 looks like oak and it is poisonous at certain times of the year...spring/autumn....some horses also find it addictive

    Tree 3 again looks like oak

    Flowers look like Foxglove, poisonous but horses usually avoid it.

    Weeds look like docks

    Don't know the big tree or bottom plant

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    Default Re: ID these trees /weed please, on my new paddock

    Beech and Oak, try and avoid the oak. Can't see what the tree in the distance is. Foxglove is poisonous (digitalis) but not usually eaten by horses. Docks, that you pulled up, not dangerous but take up room for grass. The indian/himalayan balsam is not a danger, but does indicate that you are in a wet/marshy area and may get problems from midges and from over wet land. Also if land is wet keep an eye out for other marsh plants which may not be good for the horses.
    Good luck, we all need it!
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    Default Re: ID these trees /weed please, on my new paddock

    Tree 1: Not hazel, which has rounded leaves without the point. Could be elm or possibly lime. None are harmful.

    Trees 2 and 3: Oak. Can be poisonous, also the acorns. Just be careful they don't eat too much.

    Flower 1: Foxglove. Poisonous but seldom eaten by livestock as they don't taste very nice!

    Tree below foxglove -- now that IS hazel! Compare with No. 1 and see the difference. The leaves are quite rounded with no point.

    Large tree: Oak again.

    Dock like weed: Sorrel I think. Not poisonous.

    Don't know the last one -- some foreign invader!

    I don't think you have anything to worry except maybe a horse gorging itself on oak leaves or acorns if a large branch fell off the tree and the horse was starving.

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    Default Re: ID these trees /weed please, on my new paddock

    Agree with Dry Rot on IDs

    Re the Indian (also known as Himalayan) Balsam, it can be very invasive so if the amount is manageable and despite its prettiness, I would be trying to get rid. At one point people were warned about it in the same breath as Japanese knotweed, but it is now a bit less so. It is as invasive but it isnt as damaging as knotweed (which can break concrete!).But it does smother all other plants and spread quickly so best to get rid.


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