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    Default Riding through a rear ...

    My hot headed ginger always threatens to rear before she does, back tenses up takes a few steps backward and then goes up.

    When you fell her doing this what is the best thing to do to stop her? I fear just giving her a good kick would make her go up higher? Shes a mare so should i 'ask' her to do something else and go back to that when she has cleared her head?

    Any advise helpful! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Riding through a rear ...

    In what situation does she rear?

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    Default Re: Riding through a rear ...

    i always have to pull my lad around quickly on one rein to disengage his shoulders so he can't go straight up.

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    Default Re: Riding through a rear ...

    What do you do normally? I would have automatically pushed on but sounds like it might not be the right thing to do!

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    Default Re: Riding through a rear ...

    My mare occasionaly rears as a way of avoiding going out on her own (not pain or fear related she can just be a bit nappy out hacking). I usually turn her in a small circle while very gently squeezing with both legs. May not work for everyone but it does for us as it means I've carefully redirected her attention rather than forcing her which would make her worse.

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    Default Re: Riding through a rear ...

    Same as paddi22. Turn a sharp circle. Though I do find kicking on helps my boy as well.

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    Default Re: Riding through a rear ...

    Well with my old horse i used to just give him a sharp kick and he would stop and move forward, but with my new mare as soon as you put more leg on she moves backwards and curls up more...

    I might have to try moving her head round sounds the best as her feet seem to become super glued to the ground when she has a paddy! hah

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    Default Re: Riding through a rear ...

    When you feel her about to go up pull her head around to your knee. Puts them off balance enough that they can't rear, but at the same time isn't painful or hard to do. I find it works well.

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    Default Re: Riding through a rear ...

    I've known a few that threaten like that - and I just sit there like a sack of spuds, totally quiet, breathe deeply, and give them no reason to go up. That gives them a second to reconsider and they will then move off without going up.

    What provokes the rearing?
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    Default Re: Riding through a rear ...

    What Paddi22 said is what I didnt to Toffee, she only ever did half rears if asked the halt when she was excited (hunting, fast hacks), a bit more than what I would call crow hopping but spinning her tight stopped her going up.

    Samba used to rear (verticle) when I got her, but one day she went up and I felt her stumble, I bailed off but hadnt let go, ended up with her on knees on gravel. She hasn't reared since (2 years). But obviously that is not a solution, I just accidently sorted it.


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