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Thread: Kent vet

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    Smith has been previously banned from practice over the illegal docking of dog's tails by the RCVS Disciplinary Board, so he's hardly likely to rely upon the findings of a High Court Judge in his defence! It would be interesting to know what aspect of the tail-docking was illegal though — a strange charge considering that vets are the only ones permitted to carry out the procedure.

    I would be beyond surprised if the RCVS fly in the face of a prison sentence, and one which wasn't successfully appealed.

    I'll admit that his claim that there are plenty of clients who are requesting 'vettings' raised a smile — now would that be those buying or selling horses, I wonder!

    Judge Joy seemed to suggest that it was Smith's display of arrogance and disdain towards his clients which was a contributing factor, and human nature being what it is, the ire of the Judge is understandable …….. if only Smith had checked with me, I'd have advised him that 'You don't piss off a Judge - that really is being silly'!

    It seems that the only one with the funds to pay the compensation penalty is Smith. His co-defendants, both women had assets of 104 and Nil, despite the fact that both had modern iPhones. They will walk away without facing any of the costs which is equally irritating.

    If the world's learned nothing, in the last 30 years, it has at least learned how to be offended on behalf of someone else.

    'Complacency is the woodworm of marriage' (a c swan, following his divorce! )

    I've decided that life's far to important for it to be taken seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cecile View Post

    Yes, that's the one. They've finally got around to a hearing then.

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    I assume he has been released from jail and is now available to appear in front of a disciplinary board.

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    He is out has been since about 6mths after he was jailed on tag for good behaviour because he was allowed to work on a friends farm. Unbelievable but that's how it goes. Staring again tomorrow RCVS until mid march reported in H&H

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    Just how many people and animals do you have to kill and injure to get struck off the rcvs?

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    Just an observation from me - I've known of three very substantial frauds at my previous place of work, and I knew all the perpetrators pretty well, and would never have believed it of any of them, particularly the most recent one - I also knew his wife and some of his family. it was a very meticulous and well-organised operation and had been going on, it turned out, for years. You might think you know someone inside out, but they can still surprise you, especially when money is involved.


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