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    Default Hock lameness - bone cyst and arthritic changes

    Hi, researched as much as I can but firstly wondering what's a recommended joint supplement and must be competition legal?
    My mare was dragging her near hind toe a week ago on Monday so got the vet out and she had x-rays to show a bone cyst in her hock joint which has caused arthritic change. The change and cyst was in the small hock joint (sorry not using correct names but having a blank minded day in taking anything in)...

    They have recommended a treatment of a Tildren drip and cortisone injection. She is also to be put onto a joint supplement and is currently on danilon until she gets the treatment over next 2 weeks.

    I am allowed to do light schooling and hacks, but am I best to do the schooling in a rubber surface as this is where she was least lame? Unfortunately I usually ride in the field and worried about this being too hard.

    I know there's loads to read up on this but would love some specific feedback and up to date on the treatments, along with a recommended joint supplement? Also been mentioned to use a raised heel on her shoes next time farrier comes out.

    Last thing to mention is the vet talked about surgery, but would mean a year off? Vet didn't seem so keen.

    With the tildren drip and cortisone injections be treating the cyst or the arthritic changes as not so sure on this? Is there a chance if she responds well of her jumping, hunting and doing high level dressage/tight circles so on?

    She is my sole responsibility as she is only 6 years old and all though he said she may have a short lived career, I can't face to see her passed on or sold just because she can't compete up to what I had hoped. But any advice so I can manage her to the best I can will be great.

    Huge thanks in advance. Sorry if seem a little dumb on all this but the first after owning horses all my life I have had to go lame so not quite used to all this or how to go about it.

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    Default Re: Hock lameness - bone cyst and arthritic changes

    Personaly I would stick to light work in the field or on the road. With no work on a surface. As for joint suppliments, as far as I'm aware synaquin is the best.

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    Default Re: Hock lameness - bone cyst and arthritic changes

    As amymay, mine was diagnosed arthritis couple of months ago and vet said walk and trot out hacking, no more than 40 minutes and def not in a school and no tight circles.


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