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    Default Stallion suggestions please...

    For my mare.. She's 14.2hh Connemara X IDxTB. She's out of a 13.2 dun Connie mare (Finchampstead Curtain Call x Middleton Northern Annabelle) and Ballybane Shamrock (Chairlift x Ballybane Grace)

    Ideally I want something bigger to event (15hh+) that has a little bit of a look-at-me! but not expecting warmblood style paces. Something with a bit of stamina so maybe a bit of TB but do like a bit of bone, so not too fine. Temperment is an absolute must have, mare is so so easy to do but does have a very stubborn streak, she's very brave and bold so would like something like that again. (Realise you can't guarantee temperment so not expecting miracles..)

    Ruby's weaknesses... a bit flat in the back and short necked. Very stubborn streak! Can forget her manners due to being very bold.

    Strengths... she has nice paces and is extremely trainable under saddle. Independent horse that overall is quite nicely put together. Laid back, can do anything with her!

    Just realised I don't have any full conformational shots, so bear with me....

    best full on shot (as a yearling though, sorry!)

    I'll try and get a better photo of her later on today...

    Thank you so much!

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    Default Re: Stallion suggestions please...

    If I had the money this is the sort of mare I would buy for my stallion, Aeroplane.
    He is a 16hh TB with stacks of bone and a great temperament. Graded with the SHB and first foals are this year but so far so good.

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    Default Re: Stallion suggestions please...

    I'd asked a similar question a while ago and some of the members suggested Upton Deli Circus as apparently he has a great nature, extremely bold with bulletproof legs for eventing.

    Although I bottled out of breeding this year i still follow him and he's really lovely. Probably all wrong for conformation etc (I have no eye for that at all as I was looking for temperament and sustainability) but he does have a bit more bone than some others.

    (Formerly Smallscot)

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    Default Re: Stallion suggestions please...

    Kings Composer, Bandmaster, Shining Spirit.

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    Default Re: Stallion suggestions please...

    Groomsbridge May I

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    Default Re: Stallion suggestions please...

    PRE (Andalusian) stallion. Great temperaments. Brave. Lots of bone (if you choose the right one!). Good paces. Yes, they can jump! Definitely plenty of 'look at me'! A famous Australian or New Zealand rider used to event PRE crosses. I think his parents bred them. There was a profile on him in H&H. Many are evented at lower levels.
    Good cross with Connies, as they already have Spanish blood, as do ID's.
    Always go for a graded stallion though!

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    Default Re: Stallion suggestions please...

    Groomsbridge May I


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