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    Smile Aren't great friends, well, great? :)

    Another post about Bruce the Clydie cross

    My mate who has been away on hols came up to me today and said she would come and look at horses with me so I laughed and told her about Bruce (&hrs away) 'Ha ha, not this one you won't' etc

    She just looked at me and said of course, I would come and see any horse you want to see, I know what it is like, we can make a weekend of it etc. I LOVE her, great friends are hard to find

    Awaiting vids/more pics of Bruce tomorrow
    Late to horse riding but making up for lost time!

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    Default Re: Aren't great friends, well, great? :)

    Great friends are an absolute blessing.

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    Default Re: Aren't great friends, well, great? :)

    How lovely

    Fingers crossed!


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