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    Default looking for a horse share in/near Witney


    my name is Anja and I just recently moved to Witney with my partner. After having had another work-related break in riding I would like to do one of my most favourite hobbies again more often. Now I am looking for an at least 16hh horse. Often I do go better along with geldings than mares for no particular reason and would prefer geldings but would not exclude a well-behaved mare, of course.
    I learned originally on ponies without saddle when I was a kid (8-10 yrs), so to get me off the horseback is quite tricky though. Not sure if I really want to fight for it that hard again....
    I never got that far to go for any competitions but have been trained in normal dressage riding when I was 12-18 and did break 2 horses after school which where then going on to go on competitions later in their lifes.
    After that due to further education and moves due to work positions I stayed with hacking out or lessons at the parcours in my spare time in several stables on many many horses of all training levels really...and often ended up training these horses in simple dressage lessons which I quite enjoyed as they all had there own personality and way to handle them....therefore I would describe my riding skills as experienced...
    I would like to share a horse and do some hackouts or some training again -once a week at least. I wouldn't mind chipping in on the odd mucking out at all either.

    If there is someone out there who is looking for a reliable helping hand, please get in touch, as I do not know anyone yet from Witney but would love to get in touch with riders and horses here as I am intending to stay some years.

    I am looking forward to an answer.

    Bye bye and Cheers


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    Default Re: looking for a horse share in/near Witney

    Hey Anja,

    Just seen your post and was wondering whether you had found anything yet? If not, please feel free to contact me as I am also looking for a sharer to help out with my 16.3 gelding a couple of times a week (or more if you would prefer), who is currently at a livery yard in Witney let me know if you're interested but don't worry if you've alreay found something



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