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    Default Re: How bigs she going to be?

    I lied and wrote goobly gook! (sorry too much wine tonight for my brain to think straight) its as yeeharider wrote: fetlock to elbow then elbow to ... way past where her withers are now!!!!

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    Default Re: How bigs she going to be?

    Quote Originally Posted by yeeharider View Post
    A good guesstumate is to measure elbow to fetlock then flip it elbow to above the withers which is approx where her height will end up,quite reliable I have found
    If this is true my god she is going to be far more than i expected, shes pretty leggy at the moment and I guess that'd mean about another 1 1/2 to 2 hands. Thank god shes got a good brain on her if shes going to end up a lot bigger than thought. This photo gives you a bit of an idea of her legs after her mud wading into the shelter last week in the rain.


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