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    Default Re: Which one would you sell?

    Thank you everyone for your advice. I think it has confirmed what my head said that the mare is the most saleable at this moment and I know she will find a nice home because she is such a lovely person and talented as well. She is a little bit heavy topped and I am not sure that she would be the best hunter in a deep ground country, probably more suited to dressage and show jumping really.

    I get on really well with TBs having worked in racing for several years and I am pretty sure the mad Frenchman will be a decent hunter and he is very tough which is ideal when you are sometimes a bit short of time. I also haven't got time to reschool him properly for selling at the moment.

    The yearling will be like her mother but is probably more my sort of horse anyway, not as big and chunky, and if she doesn't suit me she will be worth money when she is broken as she is very well bred.

    I could do with some cash in the bank to be honest so really loaning is not an option sadly. Just need to get on with it and not think too hard or I will talk myself out of it. Best get all the awful stuff over at once me thinks!

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    I have to agree with you DM. You will find it very hard to sell the youngster and the ex-racer as the market for both types is still very slow. The mare however should sell well - once back in work - and you should have enough interest to enable you to be picky about who she goes to.

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    If you need the cash sell the first 2, if money isn't an issue and you want to get back out doing other things, not just hunting then sell the last two.
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