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    Default Yearling with neck constantly stretched forward???

    My yearling has been looking very odd the last couple of days, her neck seems to be stuck in a stretched forward position.
    She can move normally and lift her neck up and down, graze, eat and drink normally and seems bright and happy but she just looks perculiar and she can't be comfortable but doesn't seem bothered at all.
    I'm not aware of her falling (she's lived out all week though) maybe she could have been stung but there is nothing to see and it has been a couple of days she has been like this. She is covered for tetanus.
    I have pulled her tail to the side as she walks and she keeps her balance so her co-ordination seems fine.
    Anyone any ideas???

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    Default Re: Yearling with neck constantly stretched forward???

    I think you should ask the vet to come out, it could be a lot of things including liver damage, so check for ragwort in her grazing.

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    Default Re: Yearling with neck constantly stretched forward???

    Another vote for getting the vet to check her out.
    Sooner rather than later with youngsters.


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