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    Default Alternative to a NS tranz angled lozenge bit

    Looking for some bitting help.

    I use a NS Verbibend for flatwork/dressage, horse goes well in it, now need a bit for sj, find him a bit stronger and struggle to make turns in the verbibend.

    He has a habit a 'snake head' and bucking after fences until he gets the idea of a course (nothing physically wrong - everything is checked regularly) generally just v excited about jumping.

    Like the idea of a NS tranz angled universal but haven't tried one yet, unfortunately funds are tight at the moment as just bought new hat and trailer so loking for a cheaper alternative.

    Any ideas or other bits to try?

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    Default Re: Alternative to a NS tranz angled lozenge bit

    Had exactly the same criteria with my girl. Cotswold Sport do a cheaper version of the NS Universal with Verdinbend mouthpiece which works well for her.


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