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    Default European Working Hunter Team

    Recently I found out about the European working hunter pony championships and how there is a team however I can't seem to find much info on it! Can anyone tell me how to get on the team and where the championships are held?

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    Default Re: European Working Hunter Team

    I think you need to contact the British Show Pony Society - although I am sure that there is a showing 'bod' on here who can tell you more!

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    Default Re: European Working Hunter Team

    I wasn't aware that still ran, having fond memories of it about 30yrs ago with my palomino worker

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    Every year at the BSPS champs they have the intercountry teams - England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales & every 4th year they hold it in Wales or Ireland or Scotland as well.

    I've never heard of a European WH team - i know ponies UK a few years ago had some people over from South Africa or Australia etc to compete, but thats not been done for a few years.

    Where did you find out about it?


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