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    Default Prelim 15 needed - Urgently

    Does anyone know where I can get Prelim 15, as soon as.

    I have just entered to do it on tuesday, assumed I had it as I have a folder with all the British dessage tests, but this one is obviously one I have lent out and not had back.

    I dont mind paying if anyone knows anywhere online, but obviously as its 2 days away (and a bank holiday at that) I need it emailed, or something, as having it posted out would be no use.

    Or if anyone had a copy they could forward I would be forever greatful?

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    Default Re: Prelim 15 needed - Urgently I think, pay and you get it online straight away. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Prelim 15 needed - Urgently

    Yes dressage diagrams and you can print straight away.


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