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    Default Re: 'Happy mummy' report

    Lovely videos, well done to all

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    Second round was great, with the good ol' Laughton's Flight dam line it was always going to be about finding someone that Simba clicked with and it certainly appears that she is very much enjoying herself with Charlotte. It's great to see her happy and relaxed, especially at home as it's at shows that she really seems to come into herself and enjoy the job. Can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings :-D

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    Ps Charlotte rides her beautifully as I'm fully aware that she has 'Lady' moments as Eddie used to call them!

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    Default Re: 'Happy mummy' report

    Both girls ride really well, obviously benefit from having mum on tap

    Love Madelines bravery, fair play to her. Would be nice to see footage, next time tell her to prepare you

    Totally know what you mean about having an indulgent day at home with the girls, sometimes they are just the best


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