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    Last winter my horse suffered terribly with mud fever, literrally spent all winter in his box and as a 5 year old that was hard work.

    This winter i have been careful as to when he goes out, and havent had it return.

    He has just had back shoes and is brushing his back legs so today i put on a pair of tri zone all sport boots whilst he was schooled for 45 mins only to find some hair loss and a bit of oozing like mud fever.

    So i am now wondering is he has an allergy to neoprene boots. I obviously dont want to use fleece lined ones as i am worried about his legs over heating. I can of course bandage but i want more protection when we are jumping.

    Can anyone please recommend me anything?


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    Ecogold. I know I bang on about them all the time but they are fantastic design, no neoprene, no sweating. I can't fault them, by far the best boots i've found. Only U.K. stockist is HorsesInSport.
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    New Equine Wear's brushing boots are all neoprene free... The "Lite" are made of orthopedic foam, and the "Airoflow" are the same but with a free flow lining to keep legs cool.

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    Wish there were all these new fangled boot materials when I evented my old mare with a neoprene allergy, the poor horse had to wear Clarendons, whiich whilst protected her legs also insulated them a little too well for my liking! Having said that the heat issue never seemed to cuase her any harm, and it was a back injury that put paid to her eventing career!

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    Another vote for Ecogold, they really are lovely boots!

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    Hey Kelly, you are welcome to try my NEW ones with the orthopaedic foam that I mentioned last night. They're in my 3rd drawer, the ones with the blue straps. They might not be clean (I wash them every 3 or 4 uses) but you are welcome to try whenever you want to - just help yourself. They are quite small though as they were Ronnie's and he had tiny legs, but they should fit width-wise as they have long straps.


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