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    Default Re: What's your saddle?

    I have a Barefoot Cheyenne - I bought mine on line and it's great!

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    Default Re: What's your saddle?

    have a Barnsby Schomole (spelling!) 17.5 N to M - fab for jumping/hacking and it was 2nd hand - would never buy new if i could get 2nd hand now. Also other horse has Ideal Monarch and Barnsby dressage - both 2nd hand. Am on look out for 2nd hand Barnsby or Albion dressage saddle now......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Bean View Post
    I'm in the process of getting my lad a new saddle, only problem is last time I bought a saddle was 13 years ago for my mare so a bit out of touch! So just out of interest what kind of saddle have you got, what kind of riding do you do and was in new or second hand and where did you get it from? Do people actually buy online because for me that's just plan scary!
    I have recently bought a lovely second hand Bates dressage saddle for my horse as I do more showing and dressage now than jumping, although I also have a GP saddle as well (wintec wide) for my flat back cobs....

    I had no problem buying a second hand saddle from ebay and the transaction went smoothly and I am very pleased with the saddle and the transaction as a whole.... there are many genuine sellers out there who want to pass on saddles they no longer have use for, you can also get quite a bargain, but if you are unsure as to type and fit, you could get a saddle fitter to assess your horse and listen to what they say, you don't have to buy anything from them but listen to their advice, you may be able to find a recommended saddle cheaper online...

    good luck with your saddle hunt....

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    All of mine have wintecs that fit them perfectly, the are the cair. We ride with a thin cotten nummah under or just the saddle.

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    Default Re: What's your saddle?

    I have an equipe for jumping/hacking
    and a tekna dressage saddle which i love

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    I have a Nick Dolman half serge panel WH/dressage saddle. My horse is very wide and has enormous shoulders, this saddle means that her shoulders now have room to move - and boy do they! Have only had it since last October but the difference in her is amazing, she's muscled up really quickly and seems very happy and comfortable in it. It wasn't cheap but then it was almost new (about 6 months old) and had only been used a couple of times. I was very lucky as I bought this from someone I know. Specialist Saddles website have used saddles for sale or you could contact Kay Humphries or Barrie Swain directly. Good luck in your quest!

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    After trying about half a dozen saddles on my boy, we settled for the Thorowgood T4 GP and Dressage saddles - I love them

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    Default Re: What's your saddle?

    A Jeremy rudge fusion - beautiful and amazing fit on my xxxxw boy

    Fitted by a master saddler IMHO the only way to do it

    Cobs can do classical dressage! I'm in training with mine.

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    I've got. A wide range of saddles and would choose Adam Ellis every time. He has made me some beautiful saddles and on horses which the other so called master saddles have failed to do, in particular one so called 'master. Saddler' made my grade B showjumper have real problems and resulted in her loosing one season. Personally I would rather someone who's honest, makes a high quality saddle, no hype, etc. But then I guess even with some of these so called well known saddle brands, they are only as good as the saddler fitting it.......

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    An ideal and an Albion k2 jump - love them both. Both have brought on our dressage and jumping no end.


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