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    where are good places to hire indoor schools and outdoors and how much are they?
    also do any places have courses left out that you can hire, as apposed to dragging a course out before u start then putting it all away.
    what XC places do we have (i know we've got chilham, bonfleur, denne hill & lodge farm)
    do we have any jumpcross places?

    decent instructors for dr, xc & sj and were they are based and prices.

    also best places to box up to go and ride

    sorry for lots of questions but greatly appreciated
    thank you

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    Default Re: kent people

    What part of kent?

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    we're situated in sittingbourne but anywhere in kent

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    Callam park is close to you so wondered if you have checked them out.Lodge Farm is a brilliant xcountry course and highly recommend it.Duckhurst also hire out the indoor arena for 20 but the surface is not sand/rubber,just old shavings i think but it rides ok.Leanne Wall is a well known dr trainer with a good reputation.There are toll rides in Kent so suggest checking their website(TROT).Hope this is useful.

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    we're hopefully joining trot
    dont know if callum hire the schools out?
    and i agree lodge farm is good

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    You can hire Eaglesfield (indoor OR out), with or without a course of jumps. Blue Barn in Ashford is also for hire, and they also do clear round evenings (cheaper than hiring the arena!).

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    There used to be a place called Bigbury Farm that had a whole cross country course you could hire. Somewhere off the Sittingbourne to Canterbury Road A2? (or Bigberry) dont know if its still operational


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