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    Default Re: Dressage disappointment :(

    You can enter some affiliated events without being affiliated if you want to test out your scores
    Late to horse riding but making up for lost time!

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    Default Re: Dressage disappointment :(

    Thanks all especially the reply about Arab's natural way of going. I have decided to rise above it as the judge was unlisted, the previous outings have been listed judges at unaffiliated events and their comments felt consistent with how it felt. My daughter took a few pics on her Blackberry and if I wasn't so technically incompetent I would have posted them, I am so proud of my little mare and chuffed that she can canter 10m circles and float in and out of medium paces, etc. all credit to my trainer.

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    Default Re: Dressage disappointment :(

    I feel for you and sympathise with you. I don't think some of these judges realise how easy it is to knock our confidence with the comments and marks they give, i don't expect high marks as i know my horse does not go in a correct outline (we are working on it) but unless i score zero from every move then im sure they could find some positive things to say to encourage us to keep trying. What i find demoralizing is the inconstancy in the marks they give especially between favoured riders when you know that the performance has not been too different.

    All you can do OP is evaluate your own performance and judge yourself by your own current standard. Good luck with any future comps.

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    Thank you daydreambeliever

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    I feel your pain I compete bd and have had enormously varying scores, I will say tho if I have had under 60% something has gone wrong be it tension, spooking or an actual mistake, work on a good forward rhythm and nice transitions, keep your circles correct sizes and shapes and everything will fall into place x keep at it!

    Btw not everything at bd is a warm blood, mines practically a cart horse, but a good correct test will always score well irrespective of what type of horse youre on. It will only affect you once you get up the levels.


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