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    Default Re: Are yours turned out alone?

    Out! she will be fine.

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    Default Re: Are yours turned out alone?

    Wind, rain, sun, light snow - mines out.

    Unless its hailing, blowing the roofs off or deep snow then mine goes out.

    If it snowed bad he'd still get a couple of hours leg stretch. Luckily another livery has his 3 in the next field all year round so mines never totally alone if his field companion is brought in

    Horses don't melt in the rain

    So long as they are rugged or fed sufficiently I don't see a prob turning out.

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    Default Re: Are yours turned out alone?

    My worry wasn't turning out in this weather. It was more the fact shes alone. I am happy to report she was fine! She saw my car pull up, called and started walking towards the gate. When she realised I wasn't getting her in (still had jobs to do) she went back off to graze. When I did get her in she was at the far end and she didn't make any effort to walk to me. Walked in calmly enough, even with the others calling her. No dried sweat or mud splats on her belly. So I'm guessing she didn't spend the whole day stressing and charging around. I have told YO from now on turn her out every morning regardless of what the others are doing.

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    Default Re: Are yours turned out alone?

    Mine was shoved out at 8am and came is at 5pm. Took pity and bought him in for an extra rug at 9.30 but happy as Larry out- he's out alone anyway as no one else wants to have their horses with him as he is a bit "playful" (a thug) but he is better out than in even if he can't see the others (which is rare but if he was the only one out he wouldnt care)

    Sure she is grateful!

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    Default Re: Are yours turned out alone?

    Neddy doesn't go out completely alone yet, but I hope to get him there one day!
    Luckily he has some foalies to keep him company (I call them foals, they must be about 3 now, haha!) so until they are broken in and are ridden, he's safe.

    Glad to hear your horsie coped being out alone
    R.I.P Annie, Holly, Archie, Blobby, Bracken, Mel, Spike, Louie, Mr.H, Robbie, Molly, Flicka, Rocky and Dancer.


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