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    Default Re: What is the 'going rate' for a sharer in Herts?

    Agree with Theocat in that generally the better riders are willing to pay less, as they are actually helping school your horse while sharing it. I had to lower my expectations money wise in order to get someone who wasn't going to undo what I was doing on my days and who didn't want to just jump or hack everyday they were doing her (meaning that I would always have to school on my days). I ended up charging 45 a month for someone doing 2 days a week. Hope you find someone nice soon :-)

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    Default Re: What is the 'going rate' for a sharer in Herts?

    I pay half of everything. I have the horse for four days a week (other sharer has two)

    He's on full livery so depending on what extras he has had that month the bill works out at about 600-700


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