Hi, My 12 year old gelding developed a lump on the bridge of his nose about 4 months ago..it is the size of a half golf ball. I though it was a knock out in the field but it has not gone down. I have the vet about a mont ago and he said it is probably nothing and to leave it for now.. however, he now has a smaller one on the other side and also a swelling under one eye, which may or may not be related to it..who knows? Anyway i just wondered if anyone has seen or heard of this before and if you may know of any similar cases? His health is great otherwise, no discharge from the nose, no wathering eyes, no blood.. good appetite, doesnt seem to have pain from the area at all..it's a mystery.. i am about to get the vet again this week but i would just like the benefit of all of your expereince if possible?
I cant post photo's on here for some reason..but they are on my facebook for public viewing.. Liz Beastall . If anyone knows how i can post pics on here them i will !! Thanks again,