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    Yup, I was also told that after 3 jabs, you're assumed to have lifetime immunity. Makes you wonder about the horse jabs. I did research animal vaccines and the length of immunity is dependent upon manufacturer, but tetanus was definitely never a year...
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    Best i've managed was xc years ago. Fell off lottie. She went rapidly back toward trailer with me following as fast as I could with a very heavy st john's ambulance person panting along behind me. Enter dad running toward both of us yelling 'leave her alone she's scared of strangers'. He meant the horse but the ambulance lady was very cautious approaching me! To top it off we caught horse. Dad bunked me up and I was clearly in pain around the middle. Dad casually says, 'it's ok she started the day with cracked ribs, not far to the finish, off u go love' and pats lottie on rump.

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    Fell off my pony when I was about 8, couldn't walk so got led back to car on pony (at a show) , bundled in car and taken home, all forgotten about. Legs still got a definate dent in the middle of the bone... swear it was fractured!

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    Just reminded me - I know a chap who's a St John's Ambulance person and many years ago was on duty at a horse trials in the days when Princess Ann was competing. Before the event the St John's people were given a talking to by the protection squad and told that if the Princess was to come off they weren't so much as to lay a hand on her until a member of her protection squad arrived on the scene! It was pointed out to them that that wasn't a particularly good idea - especially if she'd ended up under water and was there going to be an officer running as fast as he could all the way behind her?!!


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