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    Default Any ideas?

    Am taking him to the vets in the next couple of weeks anyway to have scans etc, but wondering if anyone has seen anything like this and has any idea as to what it might be.
    He looks fairly sound in trot, on a tight circle you can see the right hind/left fore diagonal to be a tiny bit unsound, as it does in walk, mainly behind though. Very sensitive on his right hip, and isn't lame after basic flexion tests but trots up lame after swinging the right hind out to the side. From his movement we first thought of kissing spines but obviously he's sensitive on his hip, and also he's a pony and is fairly long backed.

    PLEASE can i not get jumped on about one thing or another he IS going to be going to the vets, would just like an idea of what it may be!

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    Default Re: Any ideas?

    No idea sorry.

    Good luck with the vet - which I'd have sooner, rather than later.

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    Default Re: Any ideas?

    Total guess would be possibly a stifle problem, from what you said about swinging his leg out to the side in walk, but it could in all honestly be 1001 other things, something is obviously hurting him on that limb, but whether it is middle or top will only be found out on further investigation. Presumably that's why he's swinging it out to the side to avoid the normal movement of the limb as it hurts. If he is diaganally lame then I would have thought that is due to over compensatory issues as had that with my boy.

    Good luck at the vets hun x
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    Default Re: Any ideas?

    If it's a stifle I think they can be a bit sensitive if you give it a sqeeze. try both and see if one is more sensitive than another.(stand back!).
    Whats he like picking his back feet up?
    Have you run your hands over his back to see if there is any slght sprain / spasm?
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    Default Re: Any ideas?

    Thanks for the help, he had a physio out only last week who didn't find anything along his back aside from being sensitive and tight on the wither and shoulder, although last year he was very tight behind the saddle but according to the physio he is fine there now, and fine picking all his feet up. will give it a try with his stifle x


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