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    Default mane falling out

    can anyone help, i have a five year old irish sport horse. i have done really well or so i thought with maintaining her mane ready for showing season. only to find this week that a section has now fallen out... anyone have any suggesstions as to why or how to grow it back. fast...

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    Default Re: mane falling out

    Is it the neck join of the rug rubbing it out?

    I have had the same problem! Took months..almost a year for it to properly grow back. Must have really damaged the roots.

    I now use Bossy Bibs mane guard. It stops rubbing completely and allows it to grow underneath.

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    Default Re: mane falling out

    Some manes fall out due to the heat or damp of a neck cover. You can tell when it's that because the hair just pulls straight out at the root, it doesn't break off. Sometimes it won't regrow.

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    Default Re: mane falling out

    Mine rubbed his out on his salt lick holder - couldn't find a reason why, just had a itch.

    Vet said it was likely to be lice but I couldn't see any. I added garlic and linseed to his feed. Garlic because the lice/mites don't like the taste and linseed to help it grown back.

    He was red raw (bleeding) - its been 4 weeks and it's much better. I managed to plait it last week and the judge didn't notice.

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    I have exactly the same problem with my ISH his mane has always been quite thin on the bottom half but had had managed to thicken it up over the winter. Now this last week its thinning again and today falling out in chunks !! I can only put it down to his rug neckcovers !! whole new wardrobe it is !!!


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