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    My girl is off to horse-pital next week for a barrage of tests, its only an overnight (24hr) stay but she will be starved all night.

    I am WRACKED with guilt!!! I feel terrible!! She is having a gastroscopy, endescopy, scan of her ovaries, uterus etc and also possible scan of pretty much rest of insides.

    She hates being away from home but is generally ok if I am there - which I am not allowed to be apart from 'visiting hours' which are the evening so no help at all. She lives for her hay etc

    OH GOD!!!

    I know its for her own good but I feel so sad and like a terrible mother!! Mad woman I know.

    Anyway what are your experiences of this sort of thing? No horror stories please, just want to hear all will be fine, she will be well looked after, very calm and i am doing the right thing??????!!!!!

    No idea what the ruddy nags are going to throw at me this week.. but wouldn't be without them all the same

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    I have taken a few different horses to hospital over the years and they were all fine. You are way more likely to be stressed than her, afterall she doesn't have a clue about why she is there. If she gets very distressed they will just sedate her anyway, she will be fine.

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    Ethel was in horsepital for 3 days in 2010, I'd only had her a month! It was for a completely different reason to your girl though, and Ethel was allowed hay but I'd forgotten to send her feed and there was no way of being able to get it to her so I felt terrible that for 3 days she had no dinner! She was fine though, it didn't kill her and she was happy as larry the whole time she was there, or so I was told


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