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    Default How much does it cost to replace trailer floor?

    My friend and I are considering buying an old trailer which needs work, most stuff that can be wrong we know someone who can do it, but I haven't any idea with replacing the floor. Does anyone have experience of this?

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    Default Re: How much does it cost to replace trailer floor?

    Depends what type of floor and what is already there.

    For example, I'm replacing the modern timber/composite floor in my trailer with plastic and it's going to cost about 200 to get the materials from the manufacturer (Bateson) and then OH and I will fit it. It will never need replacing again.

    The floor is set up with steel side panels to take a light-weight modern floor and keep its integrity - an older trailer probably will not be (it really depends how old you are talking about! My old trailers had wooden plank floors), so you might need to use largeish timbers, in which case I would say you are looking at a similar price (200 or more - wood isn't cheap), plus getting someone to do it for you. You will probably need to replace it again at some point.

    It might actually be false economy looking at such an old trailer? You might be better looking at a more modern trailer, one with a lightweight floor that won't need replacing in the future and will make the trailer lighter, so it can be pulled with a less thirsty vehicle making it's running costs cheaper?

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    Default Re: How much does it cost to replace trailer floor?

    Going back many years but I had a new wooden floor with a sheet of metal over it, checker plated and rubber matting added and it was about 375.00 of there abouts when I had my Bayhill re-done.

    If it was probably worth it!


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