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    Default Best turned Out showing class..what's involved?

    Being trawling through past thread about Best Turned Out classes as we may do one for the 1st time in two weeks at a local showing show but just want to make sure I understand everything...

    For BTO, do you have to walk/trot and canter and then individual show OR is it only walking around and then you line up to be examined?

    I've emailed the show organizer to see if I can ride side saddle but my habit is navy blue, do I need a blue helmet, all I have is a black Charles Owen Fiona?

    For a Thoroughbred, what browband do I use? I have a fancy magenta pink velvet ribbon browband with rosettes at the side or just stick to my plain old havana brown raised leather one (all my bridle matches).

    Does it matter which bit I ride in as long as it is sparkling clean? I have a KK loose ring snaffle with Aurigan mouth that I normally ride Hattie in but also have a KK pelham as well that she doesn't mind either (she goes better in the loose ring though as the pelham doens't have an Aurigan mouth).

    Can you use a numnah as long as it's discreet (I have a brown side saddle one but I'll need to trim my anti-slip gel pad so it's hidden under it)?

    I've reads that you have to oil the chestnuts, under the hooves, baby oil on the dock, nostrils, no soap residue anywhere on the tack, wipe underneath your riding boots.

    Any other tips for a newbie? I know I need to buy a tie pin from somewhere!!

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    Default Re: Best turned Out showing class..what's involved?


    Just read your thread, have some ideas from when I did some showing a few years ago. It is a few years ago though so some people might correct me...but:

    Depending upon the type of show, you can be more relaxed about what you wear. If it is a small local show it is less important to have all of the correct showing gear as long as everything is spotless.

    Generally though you should dress yourself and the horse in the most correct gear according to type, so a hunter type horse would be best in a hunter style plain flat bridle and saddle, whereas a hack type (which your horse might be if TB) could get away with a flashier browband and stiched raised bridle. So I guess you could do either browband if you have a hack type, or stick with plain if you are not sure. Bit wise I think plan snaffle or double bridle is usually best for showing, however if you are doing tack and turn out for experience and the horse is better in another bit I don't imagine it would count against you as long as it is v clean.

    I think traditionally women wear navy velvet hats, but again for a first time I wouldn't worry if you only have black. Some of it is also the judges taste as well so whatever you go for there is also some element of personal preference that you can't plan for.

    I've always gone without a numnah, and they sometimes ask everyone to dismount so they can check under the saddle for the cleanliness of the horse and your tack. - tip - wash your horse the day before or groom really well other wise you get a tide-mark of dust after walking around , just around the saddle. Hot clothing or strapping also works well if you don't want to bath but just remove the dust.

    If you have any white bits on the horse it is good to chalk them with a chalk block, but don't forget to do this first and then oil the feet last thing.

    Don't forget to clean the bottom of your boots if you are serious about me they look everywhere!

    If you want to get seriously into the detail, making sure you have the correct number of plaits - odd ideally 9 to 13, and stitched rather than elastic bands...gel down the spiky bits.

    Also - when you get your entry number trim off the edges to make is slightly rounded and take a long piece of ribbon that is the same colour as your jacket to tie the number on so it looks really tidy.

    Sorry for the ramble, I sound like a turnout geek but it has all just come back to me after ages since I last did showing, hope it goes well... some people who have done turnout recently may be able to update my message, I used to do the classes about 9 years ago.

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    Default Re: Best turned Out showing class..what's involved?

    forgot to say, usually you just walk around. I have never had to trot or canter before but every show is different. It is a great class for a new or green horse.

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    Default Re: Best turned Out showing class..what's involved?

    Tips that I learnt from entering BTO comps at my local shows.

    *Have a very clean pale grey horse, this trumps any other colour even if it is equally clean.
    *Use a shoe shine buffer on your tack just before you enter the ring for extra shiny tack.
    *Get someone to clean the underside/soles of your boots after you have mounted but before you enter the ring.

    I never won because my horse is chestnut , it took me ages to work out what the foam thing was that they rubbed on their tack and my sister point blank refused to clean the bottom of my boots.


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    Default Re: Best turned Out showing class..what's involved?

    Echo Snowman's comments. I too haven't done a turn out class for about 10 years but they can be seriously competitive.

    Only once had to do anything other than walk (which was a pain as I used to do these on a retired show jumper who wasn't sound in trot but loved to go to shows).

    I used to carry a baby wipe or similar in pocket to wipe over any bits of dust I spotted that had attracted themselves to the horse on the initial walk round.

    Have even had the inside of my gloves checked as well as the bottom of boots.

    I haven't watched a BTO class for years but when I have judged them in the past I would take into account correctness of turnout and how things where fitted (i.e. noseband, throatlash etc properly fitted) but it is not necessarily the person who has spent the most money on the newest gear.

    Enjoy and have fun. Beware though they can become addictive and your whole time is spent polishing.

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    Default Re: Best turned Out showing class..what's involved?

    The shoe shine buffer thing is actually quite good to get your horse shiny too But don't use it under the saddle area. I have done T+T more times than I can remember, never been asked to canter and only once been asked to trot, that was cos the pony I was showing had a v.long unplaited flaxen mane and the judge wanted to see it flowing in the wind I have had some judges who just have a quick look over you and others who check every last little thing, like you go in on a Sunday and it's Tuesday by the time the class is done cos the judge has been so thorough But I would always be prepared for that kind of judge, make sure you are absolutely spotless

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    Default Re: Best turned Out showing class..what's involved?

    supple tack as well, nothing worse than trying to check stirru leathers or under keepers on the bridle and you can't because either tack is too sticky with soap or rock hard as not been oiled!

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    Default Re: Best turned Out showing class..what's involved?

    Hi there,
    Strictly speaking a BTO or T&T you should only be required to walk round till all are in the ring then you are lied up and inspected. Anything more and you are in the realms of Riding Class/showing.

    If you are going side saddle then make sure everything is as per SS rules even if the judge doesn't know them!

    One of the tricky questions is do you trim the wiskers or not?Trim out ears or not? As you horse is TB then it should be plaited odd down the neck plus forelock which should be done "as a tail" through the ears and ending in the usual "sprout" all plaits should be sewn in. The use of baby oil is common but don't go OTT. If your horse has a suitable coat, quarter marks and dragon's teeth add to the final picture as does a perfect tail, pulled or plaited, and cut square at the bottom.

    Tack as said above should be fitting to the type of horse. The favour was towards double bridles/pelhams over snaffles but if the judge is sticking to the "rules" a clean snaffle bridle should beat a dirty double! Ideally I would not have anything under the saddle, after all the saddle is supposed to fit the horse!!

    Oh and finially if your gee has socks wash very well, I used to use "bag blue" for a final rinse shame you can't get it any more. Apply the chalk after you have washed them to help the drying, and again on show morning and before oiling hooves. If your horse has black hooves, black boot polish, then oil over the top and don't forget the soles of the hooves.

    As to yourself go easy on the make-up and size of button hole. Don't forget the hair net and only the horse has a fringe!! And as said above trim number and tie on using ribbon the same colour as your jacket. If you carry a whip a "show cane" is prefered to a riding whip.

    Ideally you have friend who does all this for you while you remain pristine and actually mearly get on straight out of the living on the lorry having been no where near said animal lest you get a hair on your clothing!!

    Anyway have fun, oh and pray gee doesn't go to the toilet before the judge see him and ruins his legs/socks/tails!!
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    Default Re: Best turned Out showing class..what's involved?

    Thanks guys, this is great info!!

    Hattie is dark bay with black legs with no white bits so am lucky there!!

    I was thinking of just sticking to side saddle rule for turnout so I guess I'll leave my normal plain raised browband on but I'll go with the pelham since the metal is shinier and nicer on it than the Sprenger KK. My tack is supple, my saddle is at least as it was made during the 1930's!

    Good point about matching ribbon for the number, I'm going to have to find some navy string.

    I wasn't going to wear a button hole but wear my SSA badge as that is nice and shiny.

    Plaiting is going to be a nightmare however (it always is) as Hattie always has worn patches in her mane and I have to weave in tail hair when plating.

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    Default Re: Best turned Out showing class..what's involved?

    Sometimes its a walk around and sometimes its a trot and canter as well, I have never been asked to do an individual show. As for the brow band it depends really, is she more of a show hack or lightweight hunter, if a hack go for coloured and if hunter plain tack. Pelham bit is correct. Make sure the underneath of boots and stirrups are clean, a lot of judges do check. I think you will do better sidesaddle because it looks very elegant. Also use a 2p to do the edges of your back number, draw round the edge and then use scissors, it looks like the number was actually made that way, nothing worse than a wonky oval lol!

    Good luck


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