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    Default Retired Police Horses

    A lady who used to be at our livery yard got a retired police horse, he wasn't old at all not sure why he retired really!
    She told me at the time she had him on a "loan" sort of thing from a sanctuary or centre that re-homed these ex police/ forces horses.

    she has since left and moved on to another yard but has anyone ever heard of suck a place?
    As you can imagine he was the most amazing horse!

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    Default Re: Retired Police Horses

    Maybe he just wasn't 100% suitable for what they needed? That would be my only guess. Not sure where she would have got him from but I know some horses do not make the grade so they would then look to rehome.
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    Default Re: Retired Police Horses

    HAPPA and WHW are two places that police forces retire their horses to for rehoming.

    A few years ago due to a messy divorce that left me with no choice but to let go of a gorgeous 3/4 home bred ID, I gifted him to what was the ILPH (now WHW) with the suggestion he would possibly make a fabby police horse...he has been with Greater Manchester Horse Team since, and I am hopeful that when he retires I will be able to have him back

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    Maybe? He was certainly trained and used for a while as a police horse and i thought she said they actually have their own rehoming scheme of sorts- maybe not though she might have said they used a sanctuary who had a programme running already.

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    Default Re: Retired Police Horses

    Lancashire Police re-home their own. There was a story in H & H a while back:


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