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    Default Best Feed for Underweight TB?

    Hi all, been given various advice from various people, was wondering what y'all's experience had been?

    I have on loan a 15.3 Ex-racer tb, he's 12 yrs old.

    Only had him a month, so of course he's still under-weight but I'd like to see him put weight on slightly more quickly than he currently is.

    He's rugged and out during the day, in at night.

    He's eating ad-lib haylage
    2.5 scoops sugarbeet
    1 scoop pasture mix
    1 scoop rolled barley (as advised by feed store)
    2.5 Alpha A
    Blue Chip
    Linseed Oil

    Does this sound reasonable? Anything I can/should add/take away?

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    Default Re: Best Feed for Underweight TB?

    How many feeds is that divided into?

    Personally I can't see the point of feeding the pasture mix AND the barley. Either get rid of the pasture mix and increase the barley, or choose a conditioning cube instead of both of them.

    Has the horse's teeth been checked? Just how thin is he?

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    Default Re: Best Feed for Underweight TB?

    My old loan horse was a 9yo 15.2hh TB ex-racer/polo pony and a poor doer. I had him for 6 years and during winter months he was fed twice a day:-
    1 1/2 Scoop Build up first few years / 1 1/2 Scoop Cool mix last few years (owners preference)
    1 Scoop Speedi-beet
    Apple chaff
    Ad-lib hay or haylage
    This always kept the weight on through the winter months and didn't fizz him up either.
    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Best Feed for Underweight TB?

    My TB is a poor doer and I struggled for years to get the weight on him properly especially as he seemed to react to any kind of conditioning food - they all just seemed to heat him up rather than add weight. A couple of years ago I came across Simple Systems grass nuts and we haven't looked back! He can eat loads of this without affecting him and I add some high fibre cubes to make it a bit more interesting, and a handful of balancer which he seems to be able to tolerate. Other products that I had some success with were Copra meal which is dried coconut flesh which you reconstitute with water and also the Winergy low energy food but it was quite expensive!

    Keeping my boy warm has also been key to keeping his weight on. At night he currently has a fleece, an under rug with a neck and a heavy weight stable rug. During the day he has a heavy weight TO plus his fleece. I feel that some of the guys at my yard think I'm over reacting and putting too much on him,but I know if he gets cold, the weight drops. He is also very good at telling me if he's too hot or not so I go with what he's telling me. All the best.
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    Default Re: Best Feed for Underweight TB?

    That feed sounds about right but no need to feed pasture mix and Barley, one or the other will be fine and add a conditioning cube. That is a fair bit of food there, so insure he is having it devided between three feeds, so he can get the most out of it.
    Also make sure his exercise is not so much at this stage that he is burning off the calories. You want the weight gain to be steady and not too fast more likely to keep a good weight that way so if he has been putting on the weight then stay as you are, don't worry about rushing it on.

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    Default Re: Best Feed for Underweight TB?

    I personally wouldn't feed the mix.

    I really rate D&H Build up cubes - and would feed that alongside Alpha A oil and sugar beet (although only one scoop of the beet per meal).

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    Default Re: Best Feed for Underweight TB?

    Calm and condition is a good one to try - I would take out the pasture mix from the equation

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    Default Re: Best Feed for Underweight TB?

    How much do you feed

    I used to feed my tbs, baileys no 4, alfa a , sugar beet scoop by scoop and they use to cost me so much in feed it was un real and all seemed to be bad doers.

    Iv been on topspec comprehensive balancer for over a year now and the difference is amazing. I now feed

    half amount off balancer ( as they got fat)
    single handfull off hi fi
    that's it, once a day.

    I'm saving a lot off money on feed now.

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    Default Re: Best Feed for Underweight TB?

    Thanks for the replies!

    TGM- Currently its divided into two feeds, unfortunately I can't get up there three times a day or I would. His teeth and everything else was checked during his vetting (by my vet) when he arrived. All ok, he's just spent the past winter turned out on adlib hay but no hard feed and I think he's too sensitive for that (which is partly why he was loaned out as owner had no stable space). He's this thin (Apologies for his head being cut off- he found grass lol):

    Snoopy- He currently has a HW rug when out and a stable rug when in, and seems warm to to the touch/base of ears when I see him so I think this is right for him? I think his condition currently is really due to having been turned out for most of the winter...

    Sandylou- that sounds similiar to what I feed so perhaps we'll fair better next winter if I start him off on it rather than adding it in halfway through the winter hehe.

    Sammi- someone else mentioned about exersise, too, he's not really being ridden/worked right now, I've ridden him twice in the last 4 wks just to get a saddle on him really, to the ndof the lane and back.

    AmyMay is there a reason you only feed 1 scoop sugarbeet per meal? Is it too wet for them to digest properly? I think you're right about the mix, everyone seems to think it and the barley are too much together, although some say the barley will heat him up and others say the mix will :S

    Thatsmygirl- I feed like I don't have 2 kids to feed LOL. It does cost a fortune!!!

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    Default Re: Best Feed for Underweight TB?

    Have you wormed him?


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