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    Red face DHI and astrid bolton sports horses

    Just a pondering really....

    Has anyone experience of dealing with the above two? What type of horses did you purchase, what age, breeding, home bred or imported, discipline, temperament?

    PM if you prefer

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: DHI and astrid bolton sports horses

    Not much help as haven't bought from either, but was told by many people to avoid the second one so I did! As for DHI I did speak with them on the phone and they were very helpful, do produce some nice young horses and prices seemed reasonable, but I didn't go in the end due to distance. That's all I know, sorry!

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    Default Re: DHI and astrid bolton sports horses

    Thanks for your reply! Would you mind PM'ing me the prices?

    I've had personal recommendations of DHI from a couple of people and I think it is just best to phone and have a chat about what I'm looking for as have heard they are very helpful.

    But I'm not at that stage yet! As not completely decided what it is I'm looking for and not really ready yet as I sadly lost my horse in January. So just seeing what is out there really...

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    Default Re: DHI and astrid bolton sports horses

    Haven't brought from either, but rang DHI about one they had for sale and they were entirely honest about it as I was after an eventer sort and the chap said he didn't think it'd jump, and they were very helpful. I noticed a few eventers about with DHI prefixes now too.


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