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    Default Beastie Weight Watchers!

    Her Ladyship reckons you should have an update. As many of you know, she had to go on the Royal Canin Obsesity Management diet on recommendation from our vet and the fact she was likely developing arthiritis in her hips due to her weight. At her heaviest she weighed 12kg and looked like this...(she is going to be very peeved that I have posted such an unflattering picture)

    Table top back!

    I don't have any good pictures which show her newly acquired waistline but this picture from the beach yesterday shows how energetic she has become...

    This one *kind* of shows her waist (excuse the fox poo!)

    She now maintains a weight of around 9.5kg The vet is overjoyed with her and she like a different dog (as in, more energetic she still remains grumpy!)

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    Default Re: Beastie Weight Watchers!

    Well done!!
    I bet that fox poop was fun for you.... haha!

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    Default Re: Beastie Weight Watchers!

    Well done beastie, as I fellow dieter I share your acomplishment

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    Default Re: Beastie Weight Watchers!

    Love that third pic of Her Fatness..she looks utterly pee`ed off!"

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    Default Re: Beastie Weight Watchers!

    Keep er lit!

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    Default Re: Beastie Weight Watchers!

    She looks loads better - and that is a lot of fox poo! Get the ketchup ready


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