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    Default Re: Snuggy Hoods Sweet Itch rugs?

    The thing that puts me of Snuggy Hoods is they're made of lyra (I think) and I used a lycra hoody on my man, NEVER AGAIN! He somehow got all tangled up in it and it came down over his eyes to the extent he was standing up in the field with it all over his eyes, bless him. So I'd never use anything made of lycra again - I think there was some posts on H&H a while ago about this so worth a search.

    I use the Pessoa Sweet Itch hoody - brill - lots of room (you might need to order one size smaller); and a Premier Equine sweet itch hoody (cheap and cheerful but does the job).

    Last year I bought a Pagony which is supposed to be a cheapy version of the Boett - don't bother! The quality was naff, the stitching came undone as it was only a single seam like you'd do in your sewing machine, and there was a strappy/elastic thing which basically held the hood on, and mine somehow got his foot tied up in that and after that wouldn't let anyone near him with it coz it has to go on over his head, a right pallaver.
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    Default Re: Snuggy Hoods Sweet Itch rugs?

    I have tried a lot of the sweetitch rugs on the market over the years. demulenkamp, boett, rambo, fal and found the snuggy hoods the best followed by the demulenkamp, and boett which were equal, the fal did not fit and the rambo did not cover enough of my horse ( he gets very bad sweetitch ).

    I like the design of the snuggy hoods the fact the hood neck is totally seperate to the rug, which means if one gets badly ripped you only need to replace that part, although snuggy hoods do offer an excellant repair service which is competitively priced.

    I did not find my horse sweated in it any more than the others and infact found he sweeted in the rambo most although my real problem with the rambo was it did not cover as much off him, so depends on how bad your horses sweetitich is.

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    Default Re: Snuggy Hoods Sweet Itch rugs?

    Our clydesdale and gypsy cob wear them and don't seem to sweat any more in them than they would without a rug on.

    However, I don't often use the hoods as they have very long manes and would get hot under a hood, plus I have the feeling that after a while they would rub the manes. I do use them before a show to keep them clean overnight and if the midges are very bad.

    Chancer's rug on its second year is in perfect condition. Farra's one has had to have a couple of repairs and it maybe her but it seems not quite as well made. Her one also slips back a bit as it is a bit big for her. Both have no rubs and they wear them 24 x 7 from May to mid September and they have never slipped or given any trouble.

    What for me is the life saver is the sheath and udder covers. Without it Chancer will rub his belly bare in a day and until he wore this would have scabs and sores areas on his belly and sheath. Farra would get very sore boobs and her outie belly button bleeding.

    With the bodies on, they are far happier in the field. I do take them off each day to get some air to their skin, often putting my two in the indoor school so the midges don't get to them whilst having their naked time.

    They are quick and easy to wash, I put them on damp as they soon dry out. I have the dark brown ones, though they have faded a fair bit so are now light brown.

    I would buy them again.
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    Default Re: Snuggy Hoods Sweet Itch rugs?

    I've just bought one for my mare as she needed an extensive tummy cover as her main problem was sitting up like a dog in the field scratching her belly. Since she's been wearing her snuggy hood rug with udder cover she hasn't done it at all, so it's doing it's job well. None of the other rugs that I know of will do covers from back to front underneath?

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    Default Re: Snuggy Hoods Sweet Itch rugs?

    I have a snuggy hood pyjama set, not impressed with the quality, I'm afraid.

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    Default Re: Snuggy Hoods Sweet Itch rugs?

    I have the Snuggy Hoods Sweet-itch full set and its absolutely brilliant. My horse is very happy in it, doesnt itch at all; you would never know he has sweetitch! I can thoroughly recommend them.

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    Smile Re: Snuggy Hoods Sweet Itch rugs?

    my mare has SI bad!, have tried Boett, Snuggy, Fal etc..the Rambo is by far the best, my black ID doesnt sweat or anything and they are so hardwearing, if you buy a snuggy altho they are good, you'll need to electric fence your horse of so there is absolutely no where 4 him/her to rub as the rugs rip, only thing i've found with the Rambo is that the ears sometimes dont fit, so i snip the corners of the ear holes and the ears go thru lovely lol Would definatly go 4 the rambo, premier equine SI rug is also great
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