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    Default Getting rid of buttercups - help please.


    My paddock this year has become over run with buttercups.

    I can section my paddock with electric tape to keep horses off sprayed area, but am not sure quite what to use. Does Grazon 90 work? I was going to spot spray as such to at least reduce it. How safe is it to spray on non windy day next to grazing areas.
    Also how long have people left it before moving horses onto sprayed area. I know part depends on type of weed killer used, but have you intentionally left it longer than suggested.

    Any advice gratefully received.


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    Default Re: Getting rid of buttercups - help please.

    Grazon 90 is designed to treat buttercups amongst the other things it treats. Spot spraying will probably not be terribly effective though as buttercups have underground runners.
    Please remember that any poo from a sprayed field cannot be given to farmers or gardeners or spread back on your own fields for a full year. It does work quite well though.

    Strictly, Grazon 90 should only be used by Qualified personnel, but lots of places still sell it to all.

    I would suggest getting your land tested as buttercups often means the land is acidic and needs lime.

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    Default Re: Getting rid of buttercups - help please.

    My field is covered in them, always has been every year, doesn't seem to cause my horses any harm (i know what it can do) 10yrs down the line and their fine, I dread to think how much it will cost to spray my large field.

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    Default Re: Getting rid of buttercups - help please.

    At my old yard they used to just cut the field (when the buttercups were there) with the tractor and they never grew back for the rest of summer or were visible. Not sure about when or if buttercups grow again that year or have any decent information on the matter, I remember we had buttercups then we didn't!!!


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    Default Re: Getting rid of buttercups - help please.

    Grazon 90 is not that effective for getting rid of buttercups, I struggled to clear creeping buttercup with it and last year my local farmer recommended Agritox 50 (MCPA) this got rid of them completely and this year so far the grazing is restored to nice grass!

    Forgot to add that 10ltr of Agritox cost about 40.00 and I only used half of it - much cheaper than Grazon 90.
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    Default Re: Getting rid of buttercups - help please.

    Thanks for the replies.

    They are the creeping variety. Sadly it is on a livery, but the paddock I have been given to use, so prob wont go to expense of soil testing, but know that they love acidic soil.

    My horse is a fatty type so every year he is grazed on limited grazing, but my worry now is that he will start eating the buttercups instead of decreasing the appetite!

    I have heard of MPCA, but that needs min 2 weeks withdrawal hence me thinking about Grazon.

    DM - I didnt know about the poo? Is that only if organic farming or all types of farming?

    Heidirusso- I had thought about cutting them in the hopes they may not regrow this year and deal with them next year properly if still at this yard, but would be there for ever!! Have to say other horses paddocks dont seem to have them to the same degree,but there paddocks were not rested from the winter whereas mine was as only moved on, so maybe there is something in that.

    They are a pain and am limited in the amount I can do with it not being my own land, but would like to keep a healthy horse and am battling between obesity and buttercup toxicity!

    Thanks any other experiences or ideas welcome.

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    Default Re: Getting rid of buttercups - help please.

    Ok so you're on very, get them cut, once dead (unlike Ragwort) they are safe for horses to eat.
    If they come back next year ask for a different filed or again get them cut but as for field to be treated properly before the following year.

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    Default Re: Getting rid of buttercups - help please.

    We've got them popping up in our horse's field, and she has like a small sore on the side of her mouth, we'd been putting sudocreme on it but as we had the vet out for another reason we asked her about it and she said it was from the buttercups! Thankfully there's enough of the field with no buttercups that she can avoid them.

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    Default Re: Getting rid of buttercups - help please.

    Alibear - have got me thinking about strimming them, as most occur is big patches. Would this work or will they regrow very quickly and one will be back to square one in a few weeks time? Once cut short do the horses then graze that area and effectively keep trimming them themselves without becoming toxic?

    They are a pain in the a**e. Anyone want my buttercups?

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    Default Re: Getting rid of buttercups - help please.

    I tried grazon on mine and had the field topped butthey are still as bad this year. I'm having my soil tested as I think mine needs lime


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