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    Default Best weedkiller for buttercups

    what's the most effective weedkiller for killing buttercups??


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    Default Re: Best weedkiller for buttercups

    I got some specialist weed control people in to spray one of my paddocks and they used Pastoral. Although there are still some buttercups there are a hell of a lot less than there were.

    Only thing is I think you are too late to do it this spring - ideally needs to be done when the leaves are present, but before the flowers open.

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    Default Re: Best weedkiller for buttercups

    depends on the type of buttercup - theres two or 3 types in the UK.

    try calling Armstrong Richardson - they might not be anywhere near you, but they are really really good at knowing whats best to use. 01642 718280 -

    the lady i used to speak to was Jean, but I don't know if she's still there as it was a couple of years ago now.

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