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    Default Equi-Trek Sports Treka Trailer

    Am looking at a used Equi-Trek Sports Treka as a replacement for my ageing 7.5 tonner. Have found one at what appears to be a sensible sort of price....but as it's not a current model i'm unable to find the detailed specs for internal dimensions etc. My dilemna is that the advert states "takes 2 horses up to 16.2hh"....and my two are 'full up' 16.2hh's lol! Well, truth be told one of them is actually 16.3hh....both KWPN' not lightweight TB's...although both are good travellers and won't be going much more than about an hour or so at most in it. Towing weight isn't an issue as will be pulled by a LWB Shogun...but has anyone got any hands on experience of these trailers ? Am i being too optimistic that i could get my two in one of them safely and comfortably ? The idea of a small changing area does appeal i must admit...

    Have been looking at IW 510's as a first choice...but they are rare as rocking horse poo and usually sold within seconds of being advertised

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    Default Re: Equi-Trek Sports Treka Trailer

    I looked at these a while ago, well the new version and the dealership said the older model was better and couldnt understand why Equitrek stopped making them. The height bothered me as I needed the L?? so I never bothered. Also if you do view it, check the rubber seal is still arround where the ramp meets the body of the trailer as I know of a horse that skinned its head on the sharp framework. The one in the dealership didnt have this rubber on it!!

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    Hi i have a sports treka and carry a 17hh horse in it, he loves the treka as my other 3 horses do, but to be honest i only travel him with my pony, my 15.3 and 15h travel comfortable together both wide cobs, and i am thinking of buying something bigger for the 17h as he does looked a little too big for it.

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