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    Unhappy *Help* Tilting head question?

    My rising 6 year old eventer has had his back checked (slight twist put right) and teeth done (sharp edges) but still insists on tilting his nose left when i pick up a contact.

    He is even to ride on each rein and his canter strike offs are always correct and his jumping is ace so it doesnt effect him massively.

    If i ride him on a loose rein he is dead straight??

    I have 2 other horses who don't head tilt, so i guess it isn't me?

    Where do i go from here?

    I hacked this morning in draw reins to see if that helped - it did slightly.

    In my dressage tests i have had comments like 'head tilting' or 'too much left bend' so i need to sort out asap.

    Has anyone had a similar problem and how did you correct it?

    What about a bit burr? I've never used one though?


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    Default Re: *Help* Tilting head question?

    Saddle? Is one shoulder bigger than the other, so when you take up a contact and ask for a rounder outline the saddle could be tighter on one side? Few horses are symetrical and this is more than enough to cause a head tilt.

    My other thought would just be less supple one way. This may be residual from the teeth and back and it will take a while for him to straighten. The horse cant suddenly go straight the day teeth/back were sorted as the muscles need time to stretch and gain strength.

    I personally wouldnt use a bit burr or draw reins as that is forcing the horse to straighten rather thn working on the cause.

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    Default Re: *Help* Tilting head question?

    have you had his poll checked.The reason I say that is I know of several horses that have had issues with their poll due to dental pain. It is surprisingly common. If your horse had sharp edges it is possible he is tight through his poll due to the teeth pain and so it has become normal for him to tilt his head. Another thing to check would be his withers as again if he had a back problem he could be tight through the withers as well.

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    Default Re: *Help* Tilting head question?

    could be poll or could be your contact - i have stronger right hand contact and i know when i am doing it as my horse tilts nose to right and left ear dips - so i aim to keep ears level and keep contact same in both hands.
    Although get poll checked mine can be sore in poll sometimes and when they tilt head they are using next vertebrae down from the poll so that they dont flex the poll ....try it yourself - lower your head to chest you feel it higher up - now turn head to right its lower down so taking pressure off poll. Or you could have combination of poll and contact issues like me!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: *Help* Tilting head question?

    Check your left hand isn't tilting thumb in. No prizes for guessing how I know this causes a head tilt.

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    Default Re: *Help* Tilting head question?

    Agree with others a slightly stronger hand is prone to causing head tilt. I have a mare that i am trying to rectify at the moment.

    Could also be a slight evasion of the bit.


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