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    Default Premier Equine Sweet-itch hoody

    Is it any good? My horse doesn't have sweet itch but does get bothered by midges so and ordinary fly rug is no good as they bite through the mesh. We have just bought a Rambo Hoody for the other 2 year old, but then I found the Premier Equine ones which are a fair bit cheaper!

    It's highly unlikely that these rugs will fit them next year so I would like to save where I can, but if they are not as good as the Rambos I will fork out!

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    Default Re: Premier Equine Sweet-itch hoody

    Can't really offer any opinion on the sweet itch rug, but would say the bug buster measures up small. We bought a 6' for Murphy, who has worn 6' rugs in everything for years, and has a 6' PE stormbuster which fits perfectly. It was a bit snug cross chest when I tried it on him but decided to keep it. However after a couple of days I decided it really was too small, pulling across his chest quite badly. Of course I was unable to change it (anyone want a 6' hardly used rug) and ended up buying one locally.

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    Default Re: Premier Equine Sweet-itch hoody

    I had one for my youngster last year. It lasted the season, which was what I'd bought it for. His fieldmates groomed it to death in the end... The Rambo is better, but the PE was fine. I found the sizing to be ok, if a tiny bit on the generous side (when compared to horsewear rugs anyway). Something to bear in mind, is it's pretty easy to sell the used Rambos in my experience.

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    Default Re: Premier Equine Sweet-itch hoody

    my rambo has lasted for about 5 years., worn 24/7 all summer

    i like the look of the PE so will watch this with interest!
    the other PE rugs ive got are all excellent, generous fitting
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