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    Default Becoming an equine veterinary Nurse

    Was just wondering if anyone on here is an equine veterinary Nurse. I would really like to know how you go about gaining the work experience and the qualifications. Any info would be much appriciated. x

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    Default Re: Becoming an equine veterinary Nurse

    UK? Forum here...

    Do a general vet nursing course and just make sure you get a good equine placement and specialise when you qualify. I think the VN course in the UK is 2 yrs, with an add on year for equine. There is apparently now a direct route for equine but requires 2 years experience in a vet equine work situation, its directed mainly at equine vet nurses with no formal qualifications.

    I've just finished a 3yr general vet nursing dip. course (Ireland) but its a similar deal in the UK.

    Make sure the course you apply for is recognised with the equivalent of the vet council, as no upstanding equine hospital will be hiring unrecognised/unqaulified vet. nurses in the future.

    TBH, though I love the horses, the equine sphere of vet nursing doesn't really appeal.
    Irrespective of the duties that are within your ability to do, you'll spend a lot of your time holding horses, holding sedated horses for x-rays and scans and down on your knees scrubbing joints for injections.

    I personally would prefer to keep horses for my 'fun' time rather then work.

    Small animal vet nurse work is more interesting, varied and not as back-breaking. But then thats just my two cents.


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