Quick update! Have moved her ladyship and little chap down to livery yard while I wait for my friends stables to be finished off and have told Beatrice to hold on for another month!!

But following on from the deep litter thread ( No I don't deep littler) but a comment was made on stables being much less hygienic than a field and I wondered was I doing the right thing stabling her at night when she clearly wants to stay out and is much happier out.

Slightly seperate issue but foal is much less active now and I am begining to worry. A month ago it was so funny and all over the place and apart from a little shimmy now and again it doesn't do much at all now - how can I tell it's still alive and well??

Oh the worry

I am trying to get some flattering pictures to post for you all but the weather has turned her into a mud monster