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    Default Livery Near Stonehouse Glos

    Can anyone recommend any livery yards near Stonehouse in Glos. All being well we'll be moving to Leonard Stanley in the coming months and I need to find local livery for my boy. I'd like somewhere that does at least part livery as I work full time and that has a flood lit arena so I can ride after work.

    I work in Gloucester so somewhere between Glos and Stonehouse would be great. So far I know of and will probably visit if they have spaces:

    Tumpy Green
    and Mount Farm

    Any others I should know about!!


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    Default Re: Livery Near Stonehouse Glos

    Cross Farm, owned by Rowland Fernyhough? It's lovely there, good facilities - excellent turnout, loads of grass, nice stables, indoor school, massive outdoor school with full set of showjumps, good hacking. Rowland has a website you can look at, but it doesn't mention about livery, just his horses that he sells. He may sort you out with some sort of part livery and come to an agreement, and he is happy to do full livery as well if you are away or something. That's in Haresfield - you can cut through from Glos to Haresfield and then there is a back road to Stonehouse from there, so it's on the way... I really liked it there, only moved because I moved away to the other side of the country! I can't remember, but I think diy livery was about 19 a week when I was there and he sells haylege, straw and shavings.

    Steer clear of Summerhouse, not worth the hassle, plus they're HUGELY expensive.

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    Default Re: Livery Near Stonehouse Glos

    There's Billow Farm which is a bit further south although no further than Tumpy but with miles better facilities - I was a livery there for years and only moved coz the commute was killing me and I needed to save money.

    Then there is the place up the A38 whose name I forget which is between Summerhouse and Tumpy - they're always advertising for liveries on the big board they have.

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    Default Re: Livery Near Stonehouse Glos

    Wisloe Stables

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    Default Re: Livery Near Stonehouse Glos

    There's a livery yard on Frocester Hill (Hill Farm I think??) that I'm fairly sure does PL. Its about a 5 min drive from Leonard Stanley - can try and find contact details if you're interested as have friend who liveried there for years.

    Another place to try if you want PL is Sally Tom's yard which is Uley way but I know she currently has a wait list.
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    Default Re: Livery Near Stonehouse Glos

    I know of a few around minchinhampton and nailsworth way, don't know if thats too far?

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    Thanks all. Will def check out Hill Farm (found the number) and Cross Farm which I've seen the website for and thought was just a stud but sounds brilliant with all the turnout. My boy currently lives out so would like lots of turnout to keep him happy. May prefer to stable him at night this winter more for convenience of being able to ride in the evening without hunting him down in a dark field!! LOL.

    Just have to keep my fingers crossed our house purchase goes through OK!


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