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    Default All Round Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

    I am currently feeding my horse on rolled barley which take lots of the nutrients, including vitamins and minerals out of the body. I would like to feed an additional supplement to make sure that she is not missing anything in her diet. Can anyone recommend an allround vitamin and mineral supplement that includes ingredients which will help with joints and condition as well?

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    Default Re: All Round Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

    Feedmark Benevit is good as a vit and mineral supplement. I have all 3 of mine on it and they all look well but it isnt a joint supplement. I think you would need something extra for that.

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    Default Re: All Round Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

    I feed Spillers Equivite, but as the Benevit, it isn't a joint supplement. Spillers also do a Body Builder version, which could help with condition. Feed companies generally advise that if you feed a balancer alongside your straights, you will get the most benefit from your straights, and over a period of time, will be able to feed smaller quantites too. The balancer we sell the most of in our shop is Topspec Comprehensive.

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    Default Re: All Round Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

    i second benivit fom feedmark

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    Default Re: All Round Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

    I have feed Benevit in the past, my normally unfussy horse refused his feed with it in for a few days, it does have an unusual smell, maybe cod liver oil or similar?

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    Default Re: All Round Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

    Seaweed, cider vinegar and a mineral lick. Some horses are sensitive to iodine in seaweed.

    I feed soaked oats with the above, plus corn/soya oil. I feed the oil for extra no-carb calories rather than any joint benefits as FB has his Premierflex for that.

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    Default Re: All Round Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

    Bailey's Lo Cal is superb though not specifically for joints. D&amp;H do a Daily Vits and Mins but it looks, smells and tastes like sweepings from the floor of a factory producing cardboard boxes. My horse wouldn't touch it and I don't blame him!

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    Default Re: All Round Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

    Just remembered that Dengies Alfa A balancer has added glucosamine...

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    Default Re: All Round Vitamin &amp; Mineral Supplement

    another vote for benevit ,i feed all mine the benevit advance from feedmark

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    Default Re: All Round Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

    I use Feedmarks benevit as all round vit and min supplement. Farra also gets their extraflex ha joint supplement - she is a very close behind clydesdale so has this as a precaution.

    When I want my traditional to put a bit more topline on in the summer for showing, I change him from benevit to equilbra 500 which is again good vit and min supplement plus fairly high in protein to put the muscle on.

    Blue chip do a version that is for vit, min and joint support.
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