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    Default Essex Horse Retirement, Ingatestone

    Anyone have any experience of this place? PM if you prefer.

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    Default Re: Essex Horse Retirement, Ingatestone

    I went to visit this place for my mare - its down a very awkward lane if thats the same one - the lady seemed really nice but i felt it was expensive for what is was - seriously no frills and very limited shelter for those that lived out so i decided against.

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    Default Re: Essex Horse Retirement, Ingatestone

    This is very near me and I actually walked across there at the weekend (along a public footpath). The grazing did not look at all well cared for IMHO, not sure I would want to turn a horse of mine out there.

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    Default Re: Essex Horse Retirement, Ingatestone

    hi, I am based at this yard some people are referring to (Essex Horse Retirement). The stables/grazing/care are second to none and I have been to quite a few yards around the area and I have never been happy up until now. My horse is semi-retired at the moment and the owners look after her as if she was their own horse. Nothing is too much trouble. I have noticed that there have been remarks left about "no frills" yard and the grazing is not so good but this is completely untrue and I could not recommend it enough. I am very happy there.

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    Angry Re: Essex Horse Retirement, Ingatestone

    There is something very funny going on here! I have just spoken to somebody called 'Seb' about retirement for my horse, she was very cagey about it and wasnt very helpful at all. I literally asked her if she was the owner or the manager (I was only trying to make conversation as she was being so cagey) and she put the phone down on me! Very strange! I called back but she ignored my call. Not the behaviour of someone trying to run a livery yard do you not think? She also asked if my horse was a 'boy or a girl' which I though was strange terminology for a horsey person as they usually refer to horses as mares or geldings.... Just wanted to pre warn everyone as something doesn't seem quite right here. Also they have two websites which I also thought was a bit odd.


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