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    Default heat in horses hoof

    i have noticed heat in my horses hoof earlier today.

    hes walking up and down a stoney track every day and walks very slow.

    he doesnt seem to be lame though

    should i be worried and what should i do??

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    Default Re: heat in horses hoof

    is there a pulse? Nowdays due to the weather Lami can occur all year round, plus mine is still recovering from concussive lami from xmas!! so would defo keep an eye on your neddy - and if not sure call the vet


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    Default Re: heat in horses hoof

    Sounds like he might be a bit sore, any chance of using a smoother route than the stoney track?

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    Default Re: heat in horses hoof

    there is no other route than the stoney track, he isnt shod at the moment so it might be work gettin him done.

    our other horse got cast in the stable last night and has swelling to her fetlock and at the top of her hind leg on the inside.

    she is so lame shes walking on 3 legs

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    Default Re: heat in horses hoof

    Heat in the hoof can indicate many possible causes.Without seeing him it is going to be a stab in the dark,but i'm bored so here goes
    A ;Bruising to the soul of the foot
    B;early signs of a puncture wound to the soul,frog which has as yet not developed .Further signs would show heat,pain and lameness ,swelling up the leg and eventually pus oozeing from the wound or from the coronet band(quitter)
    D;Early signs of laminitus.(Is he fat ,cresty on alot of grass?) for A,B and C poultice the foot and monitor
    D call the vet

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    Default Re: heat in horses hoof

    'Walking on three legs' - then you need to get a vet out pronto. As for the other one, it could be the first signs of laminitis, so get the vet out to see both.

    .....walks away shaking head....

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    Default Re: heat in horses hoof

    has he always walked this stoney route is this a new route? has anything else changed? has he digital pulses!

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    Default Re: heat in horses hoof

    Get your farrier out to have a look as could be anything


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