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    Default cost of reflooring Bahill trailer

    I have an oldish bahill trailer, the floor is hardwood but is starting to look a bit old, so want to refloor it before the competition season kicks off?
    Anyone know what sort of floor to choose? and how much it'll be, approx and any specific things to bear in mind

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    Default Re: cost of reflooring Bahill trailer

    Sorry no experience of Bahill trailers but had an old Ifor Williams 505 with wooden floor which I got replaced with a new aluminium floor, cost was 500 inc vat about 6 years ago

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    Default Re: cost of reflooring Bahill trailer

    I have an old Bahill, had a new floor put in about 5 yrs ago. The previous floor had planks covered with marine ply with rubber mats on top. All the wet had got trapped between the two layers of wood & it had rotted.
    The people I took it to refloored it with planks running front to back, not hardwood - some sort of pressure treated stuff. Probably about 2.5 inches thick. I asked about hardwood floors, double layers etc. They said they had put this type of floor in for about 10 years and had only had people come back to replace a few planks in that time.

    Its great, if it gets wet I just lift the rubber mats and it drys really quickly. It cost about 300. Not sure where you are but that was at B&B trailers in West Sussex.

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    Default Re: cost of reflooring Bahill trailer

    thanks doesent seem to bad after all cost I mean...just worries me silly that they will put a hoof through, but I reccon if I have a new floor and the metal underneath checked it should last me for another year...

    they are quite sturdy things arent they?

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    Default Re: cost of reflooring Bahill trailer

    Another year? Blimey mine is about 20yrs old already and I reckon it'll go on another 10!!
    I did give it a major overhaul when I bought it though and treated all the rust/ sealed the edges/ repainted it.

    The company that did my floor checked all the underneath and recoated the metal supports to stop rust. The floor is so solid there's no way they could get a foot through. I like having the rubber matting though 'cos it adds another layer and dampens the vibrations a bit.

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    Default Re: cost of reflooring Bahill trailer

    I had the person who services my trailer to look at my Bahill trailer floor as I was intending to have it re-done. He said the floor was fine and was made from hickory wood which is very strong and would last me another few years before I had to think about having it done. I was quite surprised as I was convinced I would have to have a new floor in.
    I would have your floor checked over by an expert and see if you have to have it done in the first place.

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    Default Re: cost of reflooring Bahill trailer

    thats a good idea..I am having a guy down to have a look at it anyway, he quoted me between 400 to 450 for a new 1 inch thick plywood floor...

    I am getting rubber mats today in it anyway so that it spreads the weight a bit and also dont sound so much when he gets in, he is a very spooky boy..

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    Default Re: cost of reflooring Bahill trailer

    ahha, maybe I am worrying too much...will see if I can take it to a place where they check them this weekend,


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