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    Default Trailer buying! IFOR 505 Vs RICE EUROPA?

    Another trailer post

    What is your opinion of these 2 trailers? Which is the 'safest'?

    I have only ever used Ifors and have no experience with Rice ones...
    was only looking for an Ifor but then found out about the Rice one so am going to take a look.

    We are viewing 2 trailers tonight.
    Both advertised for same price. We know both of the sellers and know both trailers have hardly been used

    1. Ifor 505, red, 2006 model
    (has anyone ever painted an Ifor or had it resprayed? )

    2. Rice Europa, blue, 2006 model


    ETS - other useful info: towing with a Discovery TDI. 2 x 15.2 TB horses.

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    Default Re: Trailer buying! IFOR 505 Vs RICE EUROPA?

    My farrier (who repairs trailers) says about Ifor Williams... The Ifor williams boxes are made from fibre board that is laminated. When that fibre board gets wet - at floor level, it will ultimately go soft. So if it is an older trailer make very sure that those boards are 100% sound.

    I actually have an old Rice Beaufort, but if I had the money I would probably go for the IFW because they are a more modern design.

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    Default Re: Trailer buying! IFOR 505 Vs RICE EUROPA?

    thanks tracy - I am taking my dad with me who is very experienced so he will test the floors and ramp etc for me.

    So important I agree!

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    Default Re: Trailer buying! IFOR 505 Vs RICE EUROPA?

    I would pick the Rice. Not looked at the models though so not sure what the Europa is. I was told by a dealership that an Ifor is like a ford car (not saying anything is wrong with a Ford!) and a Rice is like a Rolls Royce, build quality etc etc. To add to the sides of an Ifor though, I had an older Ifor and yes the sides and floor were rotted when I bought it, it was 4 yrs old at the time, more fool me. When I took it in Ifor Williams said the sides had now been changed so they were coated in Ali to stop this happening. The floors were then changed to Ali too. This trailer was much older than the one you are viewing so I would think both the floor and the sides will be fine.
    The newer Rices have a plastic non rot floor now I think, not sure what year this came in.
    Ifors are on leaf springs so give a bumpier ride too.
    Oh and I wouldnt fancy painting one as I reckon it would de value it if you ever came to sell it. A friend of mine did have hers changed from green to black by getting a sign writing company to cover the green bits with black stickers. You wouldnt ever know, it looks great.

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    Default Re: Trailer buying! IFOR 505 Vs RICE EUROPA?

    Thank you so much for the tips Louby, I have printed off your reply and will take it with me

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    Default Re: Trailer buying! IFOR 505 Vs RICE EUROPA?

    I have a IW505 and absolutely LOVE it! The year of the one you are looking at means it will have an aluminum flooring so should be fine. It's lovely to tow, width weight etc so a thumbs up from me.
    My friend has an old rice and whilst it is nice and does the job I would still have my Ifor any day!
    Happy viewing

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    Default Re: Trailer buying! IFOR 505 Vs RICE EUROPA?

    i'd probably go with the rice, they seem so much more solid but would be a lot heavier than an ifor so you would need a meaty towing vehicle. I once travelled my two in an ifor and they were both falling all over the place, where as in the rice you don't know they are there.whether that was because the ifor has a rubber partition against the rice's solid to the floor one i don't know...Then again could have been my driving they took offence to


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