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    Default small bit of satisfaction!!!!

    well the mare that was sold from under me is now back on the market, the sale fell through!!!cant say im not a smidgen pleased, i did enquire after her again, but she wants more money now!!glad i didnt have her now as a dont like dealing with people like that.might be a case of cut my nose off to spite myself but there you go!!!!

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    Thanks for sharing that with us keoffee.

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    yes well sorry not breeding but most on here know.

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    Keoffe I don't think you need to be sorry, you wanted to buy her for a breeding purpose and trying to buy a fourth broodmare have more to do with breeding than buying a horse to ride or drive in general, to me at least.
    Not that it's not great/best with a broodmare that has proven she could be of some use herself, but if a good horse for riding doesn't have known ancestors or it's born to jump though pedigree suggest dressage etc, then if it's suitable for the riding you want, it's suitable. But if you want to buy a broodmare to breed bombproof, all round child ponies, you maybe shouldn't be getting a mare with a pedigree full of history's most nervous Thoroughbreds, for example.

    Maybe you could have written "Well the brood-mare that was sold..." to make it clear for those that doesn't know, but I also would have thought it more polite to ask something like "Are you sure you posted in the right lounge/forum?" Unless of course, BSM456 really didn't mean that he/she thought your post didn't belong in Breeding, but that's not how I read it either.

    Just remember Keoffee, that the mare can't help what owner it has and if she's really right for your purpose, then maybe you should think again...
    from Sweden. If you're not on somebody's bad list, maybe you're not doing anything worthwhile.


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