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    Default Putting a horse on bute long term?

    Well as I'm sure some of you are aware my boy Jesper was diagnosed with collateral ligament damage some time ago. He's been intermittently lame for the past month and the vet is coming out Friday to discuss options. I'm thinking about putting him on bute so I can hack him. He's only 1/10th lame in the school and not lame out hacking but does shorten his stride and I'm not entirely certain he's always comfortable. I want to be able to stretch his legs in the school in the evening and hack with him being comfortable. I can't hack during the week as I work full time.
    In my position what would you do? Retire him? (He can't/wont' live out, won't go out with other horses, and is a 10yr old TB). Put him on a low but regular dose of bute? Turn him away for six months? Other options?
    I'd like to hear from others because I'm trying to work out all the things I want to discuss with the vet. Would you put a 10yr old on bute or is that too young? What questions would you want answered by the vet? Help, suggestions, ideas welcome!

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    Default Re: Putting a horse on bute long term?

    If he only needs a lowdose of bute Im sure he will be fine. I had one of mine on 1 a day for many years without it causing a problem.

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    Default Re: Putting a horse on bute long term?

    Thank you Santamental - that's the kind of reassurance I was looking for!

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    Default Re: Putting a horse on bute long term?


    I am so sad for you that Jesper isnt sound. You so,so deserve a bit of luck. In your position I would definitely put him on a low dose of bute. I feel that this would improve his quality of life considerably. Ok in fairness he may eventually deteriorate & you will have to reconsider your options.

    You would be as well to start him off on a proper course of bute, 2 twice a day, 1 twice a day etc, etc so it is properly in his system & then you may even get him down to one everyother day eventually.

    I think prolonged bute use is meant to compromise liver function (dont quote me, vet will tell you) but you can have a blood test once a year or so if you are worried about this.

    IMO the pros of bute outweigh the cons, in this case.

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    Default Re: Putting a horse on bute long term?

    Just like Santamental and her experience of bute, my friend had her aged gelding on one bute everyday for the four years I was at the yard and she had had him on it long before then - I think he was prone to laminitis. He never had any problems and I distinctly remember her telling me then that low dose is no problem at all over a long period of time, its just when you start increasing the dosage that it can cause cumulative effects. To my knowledge bute is the human equivalent of paracetamol, taken in moderation is safe, taken in excess will cause liver/kidney damage.

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    Default Re: Putting a horse on bute long term?

    My horse damaged a tendon in may (he's 16yr TB ) He's been lame since, intermittenly from other things aswell including lymphangitis and possible Navicular which is being investigated. He is on one but as and when he needs it. Some times two a day, other times none.

    I ve had no problems with it and i also find that the pros do definatly beat the cons..

    If it was be, and with ligament damage, i would turn away for six omonths or so and see what happens.

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    Default Re: Putting a horse on bute long term?

    I had an old polo pony that was on bute long term for arthritis in his hocks. He did very well on it - kept him in good nick for 5 years and he didn't show any signs of liver damage. For what it's worth, people with arthritis spend up to 40 years on the same sort of anti-inflammatories as bute and like everything, it has its side effects but often seriously improves quality of life.

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    Default Re: Putting a horse on bute long term?

    Could you use Danilon (sp??) instead? I belive thats kinder than bute? But don't quote me I could just be very dim!

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    Default Re: Putting a horse on bute long term?

    i would give time off! if you are thinking of bute why not do it the natural way so you are not pumping chemicals into him!

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    Default Re: Putting a horse on bute long term?

    Mine is on a low dose of bute for life. He is also a 10yr old TB in regular work.


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