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    Default Cost of gelding a pony?

    Roughly how much does it cost these days to have a colt gelded?

    I have been looking into having a little sec a and want to make sure of the costings before I make my decision.

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    Default Re: Cost of gelding a pony?

    We would charge 225-250 dependent on volume of sedation and a few other variables. South of England.

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    Default Re: Cost of gelding a pony?

    About 60, that's under standing sedation. We are too cheap!!

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    Default Re: Cost of gelding a pony?

    My vet does mine in the field under GA - brings a vet nurse with him - including all drugs, antibiotics and the dreaded VAT, about 140 which I think is pretty reasonable.
    Who cares about the treatment of horses and ponies at sub-standard markets - and works to improve conditions? Who manages a well-run sanctuary caring for some of those who fall through the net? Who spends EVERY penny you donate on caring for needy horses and ponies? Equine Market Watch, that's who! - every little bit helps!!

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    Default Re: Cost of gelding a pony?

    last ime I had one gelded, it was about 120 and that was at the hospital. How things have shot up!!

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    Default Re: Cost of gelding a pony?

    my friend paid between 300 and 400 for hers last yr, south of england again, we seem to pay through the roof for things down here


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