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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollin View Post
    The problem with passports and m/chips is that chips can be dug out (poor horse) and replacement or dup. passports can be applied for.

    In France we have a second ownership document which should be kept separate from the passport. This paper is returned to Haras Nationaux every time a horse is sold. So the central database for all horses in France has a record of ownership. This paper is 'proof' of ownership.
    So basically a this Haras Nationaux have a record of every sale? I like that Idea!

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    Any one who falls in Chicester council, the police will come and mark and record your tack (and machinery) free. Then they have a record if anythign is stolen. They were very helpful!

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    These might be useful, freezemarked, microchipped, security marked and alarmed warning signs. Ive just bought one for my horse/yard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarynK View Post

    In Light of the recent thefts I thought that I would post this so people can place their ideas on preventing crime here, perhaps H&H can sticky it? Horses and all their equipment are expensive so in times like this they make a good easy target for thieves due to the fact they are often in more remote places and security is not always as good as in a house and lets face it we all get complacent.

    So I’ll start - Contact your local crime prevention officer and Horsewatch for more advice and help.

    TRAILERS/Lorries/Field Equipment

    Postcode the roof and get metalwork marked with a postcode.
    Make sure wheel clamps are of good quality and have a high security rating, a few more pounds spent here could make a difference. - Fit clamps to the back wheels to prevent any towing if they can’t get it off.
    Fit a hitch lock to trailers as an added deterrent if they don’t already have one.
    Consider using an old mobile together with a company that provides mobile tracking, so your vehicle can be recovered if taken, or there are tracking devices.
    There are also other types of marking that you can use like the microdots, tiny chips that you can scatter all over the vehicle. Mark the vehicle on the outside to let would be thieves know if you do this!
    Don’t forget your yard trailer and equipment as well if you need it for hay etc paint on the postcode!
    You can also use locking parking type barriers to block a trailer being moved or chain the axle of the trailer to a well secured post.
    Take pictures of the vehicle
    Make a note of all serial numbers and keep it to hand.

    TACK and RUGS

    Postcode it!
    Yes even the posh new rugs, they are going to get muddy anyway! You can pay out for kits or slap a bit of paint on there.
    Get together with friends and you local police/horsewatch and organise a tack marking session. (When you sell the tack on give the buyer a receipt)
    Saddles – Postcode and or microchip them take pictures as well it paints 1000 words!!!
    Try not to keep valuables on a poorly protected yard and in tack rooms that are easy to break into, your insurance may not be valid if you do check the small print.
    Check and see if car insurance covers your tack.


    Microchip its about £20 odd get a group together and negotiate a callout free vet visit!
    Freeze brand get a group session (you can paint this on your rugs it’s a unique number)
    Hoof Brand – though this grows out
    Place warning signs on the yard gate that horses are marked/chipped
    Take pictures of your horse in summer and winter coat just in case
    Make sure the yard gate has a good quality chain and padlock on it.
    Put up CCTV warnings and dummy or real cameras, systems are much cheaper these days.

    Be vigilant join horsewatch and if you see anything suspicious in your area make a note, any strange callers etc, write down vehicle numbers then description of the vehicle, also unusual facial features, people can change clothes, get pictures if you can without putting yourself in danger! Report any sightings to the police/horsewatch look out for your neighbour’s property and get them to look out for yours.

    Clean off shiny surfaces now and again so if someone does try and steal the trailer fingerprints can be lifted if someone does have a go!

    But the message really is mark it and you stand a better chance of it not getting stolen, or getting it back and the police stand a better chance of prosecuting. Spend a few minutes this weekend with some paint!!

    If you are unlucky enough to become a victim, contact the police, don’t touch anything until the police arrive and decide if they need forensics, especially footprints don’t trample over them. Make a list of things you think are missing with any ID numbers and pictures. Get your crime reference and circulate to all the forums H&H etc.

    National Horsewatch
    Hampshire site with tips

    I would second this, particularly the freezemarking. Not to freezemark a horse is in my humble opinion a really stupid argument and I can't understand why all owners don't do this as a matter of course. Each of my horses have been marked within two weeks of purchasing them. They are too precious to me to end up in some one else's stable or swinging from a meat hook if what we sometimes hear is to be believed. PLEASE PLEASE FREEZEMARK TODAY.

    I had a rug painting sess the other day and did all my rugs! i don't care if my horse looks 'uncool'. He is safe and that is all that matters to me. I love him too much to lose him or take the risk of losing him. If he were to be stolen at least I know I had done all I could to protect him.

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    I was invited to attend the launch of a new equine crime database product yesterday and would like to say that, having been at the press launch and heard what they had to say, it sounds like a very good product, apart from the fact that you can register centrally all your horses, tack, trailers etc , they have an option on their website to enter the ID, registration number or mark or any sort of identifier of anything you think might appear to be suspicious and you will be able to see instantly if it has been reported stolen, you are also able to post alerts about suspicious activity and also many other topics, for example icy roads or contagious disease outbreaks, anything posted will also be sent via text or email to any registered members within a 10 mile radius of the reported location, this is a completely free service you dont have to sign up to do it and you can do it via mobile also. it plans to work in conjunction with all existing databases and the police force and is widely supported by several equestrian ambassadors and organisations already, Horsewatch, Jenny Loriston Clarke, RDA, AMTRUST, the BEF, to name but a few. if anyone is interested their website is it was a very interesting day!............ and before you ask, no, i dont have any links to them, i just think it is an interesting new idea.

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    At our PC the shed with all the sj stuff in keeps getting hacked into

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    Hi i have just got my own stables and land and i would like to put up some signs on the gate warning people that there is some sort of horse watch going on not sure if there is ? i have seen gates with Rural watch on them i have emailed out local group but had o reply !

    So could anyone point me in the right direction please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterNatt View Post
    Do you know that the National Equestrian Database (NED) can reduce the chance of your horse being stolen and if it is stolen, increase the chance of it being recovered? Two very good reasons to associate with your horse in NED!

    What to do - step by step

    1) find your horse on NED and check that the basic information provided to NED by your passport issuer is correct, complete and up to date

    2) associate yourself with your horse by clicking on "associate yourself with this equine"

    3) check that all your horse’s security identifiers are correctly recorded; if a freezemark or microchip number is missing you can add it yourself

    4) upload a clear photo of your horse

    How does this help me?

    If your horse is lost, stolen or goes missing on loan, being associated with your horse in NED allows you to immediately…

    1) flag the horse as stolen or missing

    2) add some detailed notes that might help identify your horse if anyone sees it

    3) publish your contact details, so anyone with information can quickly let you know

    Your horse will then also be clearly marked as lost or stolen on a NED Passport Check - so if someone is being offered your horse for sale – alarm bells will ring.

    NED features the most recently reported lost/stolen horse with a photo on its home page for every visitor to see, increasing the chance of a missing horse being found as quickly as possible. This has happened several times already, enabling missing horses to be returned.

    NED also maintains a lost/stolen register which missing horses can stay on free-of-charge for as long as it takes to recover them.

    Don’t delay, associate today at
    I tried this but it wouldnt work as it didnt recognise my horses passport number or horse has a belgian passport any ideas how i get round this as id really like to register?!

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    does anyone have any info on a good reasonably priced cctv package that will work from battery and record onto a sd card? we dont have electric at the yard my other half has had large amounts of diesel stolen during the nights so we are looking into the cameras must have motion sensors, night vision, record to sd card be batt operated, and be descrete would be good if we could find a package with at least 3 or 4 cameras with it, or any other suggestions for securing rural yard many thanks


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